Being Present: Lenten disciplines

20 Feb

On Ash Wednesday I shared with you a compilation of Lenten disciplines. I wanted to give you an update on my personal disciplines so far… I know, we are only on our 3rd day, but I don’t hold myself accountable, my Lenten disciplines are going to go the way of the New Years Resolution (thank you Girl Scout Cookies!). Besides, I am actually really pleased with my choices so far!

1. My first Lenten discipline is to MORE present, and LESS Facebook. Because I have minimal self-control, I have decided to do this by taking Facebook off of my smart phone. I am no longer checking the status of everything at stoplights, in car line, or, dare I say it, in the bathroom. In 3 short days I rarely try to check them anymore. What am I doing now in the carline and at stoplights? Talking to my kids. Listing to NPR. Simply BREATHING. It’s amazing. 3 days in, not much I know…but 3 is the magic number! The other surprising twist? My mind is freer to write… lucky for all of y’all waiting on my next blog post! Ha!

2. The next idea is on my list, and is something I got from Margaret Feingberg, and I noted that this would be the discipline I personally chose. The idea is this: Read through the Gospels during the 40 days of Lent. BUT, not just give them the cursory I’ve-read-this-before glance, but to dwell on it. She has shared an idea for reading with color that blew me away! SO, today (a few days late, yes), I printed off the 4 Gospels with nice wide margins and put them in a binder. Then I got out a fabulous stack of highlighters that I found at the back to school clearance rack a few months ago. I printed off my reading plan from Margaret’s e-mail devotion, and got to work. I LOVE IT!

reading planIt has helped me to slow down and pay attention to what the scriptures say, to think more critically, and to be present with my thoughts. Plus, Ms. Feinberg made a comment on my earlier blog after I linked to her page – and how cool is that? 😉

I pray this Lenten season you begin a new discipline of BEING PRESENT…especially during the season when we dwell on God’s presence on earth…so much so that after death God returned to BE PRESENT.

One Response to “Being Present: Lenten disciplines”

  1. Margaret Feinberg (@mafeinberg) February 20, 2015 at 11:10 pm #

    Woohoo Nicole! I am so thrilled you are joining us for the #LentChallenge to read through the Gospels. I can’t wait to see what God reveals to you during this season.

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